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Our Industry

The first steps of our industry have been started in 1974 with main occupation the manufacture of white goods. From 1992 we started the clothing manufacturing, as well embroidery services, prints, strass, sequins etc.

Recent years we operate in our new proprietary and modern facilities in Greece, Heraklion Crete, with modern machines operated by fully specialised people.

By following the fashion trends we always offer up-to-date clothes and designs to our customers so that they get the most out of our products.
In our industry you will find excellent quality clothes made of linen fabrics, macos, sweatshirts, etc. for all ages, made in Greece. Our collections include dresses, shirts, shorts, pants, sweatshirts, macos (etc.), which offer unique style & comfortable fit! With the guarantee of our company at all stages of production: From design, cutting and sewing to the processing and finishing of our garments.